About Seychelles

About Seychelles - Brief History, Popular Islands & Beaches, Flora, Fauna & Location

Here you can get a short overview about Seychelles. The flag and brief history, where the Seychelles are, as well as a short description and photo views of all the popular beaches & major islands. Get a Feeling of the Culture by learning some of its history. Century black and white photos from the old days compared with today’s vivid colours. Getting to Seychelles and it’s transportation options within the islands as well as  the major outer islands. Seychelles is a living museum of nature! A sanctuary for some of the rarest species of Flora & Fauna on earth.  

The flag of the Seychelles was adopted on June 18, 1996. The Official colors of both Seychelles United Party & the country’s democratic party.

Bird Island, Praslin, La Dique, Denis, Desroches, Fregate, North Island, Felicite, Marianne, Iles Soeurs and Silhoutte island.

Seychelles Flora & Fauna inlcude some of the rarest species on Earth! A symbol of Seychelles is the Coco de Mer (Lodoicea maldivica).

Seychelles Culture, its Discovery! Flag, Transportation & Outer Islands

Seychelles has some of the most fascinating beaches on earth. View and be sure to visit some of these remarkable beaches while on Seychelles islands.

Transport within the Seychelles islands depends on the island. By Air & By Sea. Inter island Havilland Twin Otter aircraft’s, Ferry Boats, Ox-carts & Bikes.

You can get to Seychelles from all corners of the world. Take a look at a short flight to Seychelles landing on the international Airport on Mahe island.

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