Chalets in Seychelles – Facilities, Location & Seychelles Beaches

Here you can get an overview of where the Seychelles are, where our Hotel is situated as well as a photographic view of all the Chalets & facilities of our Guest House. Get a Feeling of the Beautiful Beaches. The Seychelles history and culture. Black and white photos from the old days compared with today’s changes. The Seychelles flag and it’s major transportation as well as the major outer islands.

Chalets & Facilities

View our Guest House Chalets & Our Facilities. The Restaurant, Lounge, Bedrooms, Bar & Pool area.

Getting to Seychelles

Take a look at Seychelles on the map. A short flight to Seychelles, to the international Airport on Mahe island.

Beaches & Islands

View some of the most beautiful Beaches in the World. Beaches on Mahe island and popular islands.


Seychelles Culture, its Discovery! Flag, Transportation & Outer Islands

Mahe Island, Seychelles in 1900s and Today.Mahe Island, Seychelles in 1900s and Today.
The flag of the Seychelles was adopted on June 18, 1996. The Official colors of both Seychelles Peoples United Party & the country’s democratic party.
Transport to and within the Seychelles islands.Transport to and within the Seychelles islands.
International Transport to and within the Seychelles islands. By Air & By Sea. Inter island Havilland Twin Otter aircraft’s, Ferry Boats, Ox-carts, Bikes,
Most popular Seychelles Islands.Most popular Seychelles Islands.
Bird Island, Praslin, La Dique, Denis, Desroches, Fregate, North Island, Felicite, Marianne, Iles Soeurs and Silhoutte island.