Mahe Island Hiking to Anse Majore

Mahe Island Hiking - Anse Majore beach Hiking trail

Hike to Anse Majore – New Mahe Island Hiking Trail

If you are spending a few days on Mahe and have already visited the main beaches of Beau-Vallon, Port-Launay and Anse Royale, we suggest you put on your hiking shoes and hike to Anse Majore! The Anse Majore beach is one of the must-see beaches on Mahe. It’s probably the best Mahe island hiking trail we can recommend!

Accessible only by foot or by boat, Anse majore beach is a remote beach located on the north west of Mahe island. From Victoria, you can drive through the hill of St. Louis, turn left and follow the road to Belombre. Keep driving past La Scala restaurant uphill, through the local village until you reach a large granite boulder with a million-dollar view of the sea! You may park your car there and hike to the beach. Alternatively, you may take the bus to the end of Belombre road and hike up the hill after La Scala restaurant.

The trail to Anse Majore takes 45 minutes to an hour and is a comfortable hike. Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes (flip flops are not recommended! Wear trainers and socks or proper hiking boots) and bring lots of water. There is no restaurant on the beach therefore bring along a snack! A small convenience store can be found before the trail begins.

What makes the Anse Majore hike truly special is the breathtaking views. Therefore, enjoy beautiful views of both the mountains and the sea as you walk along the granite boulders towering from the sea. Furthermore, the beach itself offers some of the best snorkelling in the north, white powdery beaches and great place to take amazing photos!

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If you wish to have more information about Mahe island hiking trails, or wish to hire a guide to take you, feel free to contact the Hotel La Roussette team here!

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