Popular Beaches on Mahe Island

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The 3 Most Popular Beaches on Mahe Island, Seychelles

There are so many beautiful beaches on Mahe Island worth a visit, but there are three that top the list of best beaches on Mahe island, because of their location and size. These beaches are most frequented by tourists and locals alike, and for good reasons! Read more below about the three most popular beaches and why you shouldn’t miss visiting them!


Beau-Vallon Beach, Mahe Island

A trip to Beau-Vallon beach is not to be missed! This beach is over one kilometre long and is found inside the bay of Beau-Vallon, on the North Westerly side of Mahe. There are a few hotels as well as a good variety of restaurants and take-aways along the beach and around the village of Beau-Vallon giving you plenty of dining options. Beau-vallon beach can get very busy, especially at the weekends where Seychellois families and friends have picnics and play music.

Why so popular:
  • Amazing sunsets
  • Over 1 km of beach
  • Calm, clear waters
  • A variety of water sports on offer (Parachute, jet-ski, diving, etc)
  • Location for weekly night market ‘Bazar Labrin’
  • Close to bars, restaurants, shops, ATM’s, pharmacy, etc

Top tip: Visit the Tikki bar at Boat House, order a rum-filled coconut and watch the sunset!

Anse Royale Beach, Mahe Island

Anse Royale beach is located on the South Easterly coast of Mahe, about 20 minutes from Victoria and stretches over 1 kilometre. It is best for swimming and dipping as it offers wonderfully shallow and sandy areas followed by deeper areas perfect for snorkelling. There is also a tiny inhabited island of rocks and palm trees less than a kilometre away from the beach that stronger swimmers (or the most adventurous!) may attempt to swim to! The village of Anse Royale is located along the beach, offering a few dining options from Cafes / restaurants to take away shops. Anse Royale can get very crowded at the weekends when locals come for parties and picnics.

Why so popular:
  • Great snorkelling
  • Lovely little ‘private spots’
  • Calm, clear waters
  • Village nearby with dining options
  • Close to ATM and village shops
  • Quieter during the weekdays

Top tips: Walk to the very start of the beach (closest to the hill) and you’ll find a very secluded beach. Others may find it before you, so go early! Find a spot near a family of locals and if you’re lucky they may offer you some fresh grilled fish and barbecue!

Port Launay Beach, Mahe Island

Cross over the hills of Sans Souci and to the rural West of Mahe you will find a large stretch of white sandy beach in the bay of Port Launay. This beach opens onto the Port Launay marine park, a protected area and therefore water sports are not permitted here. The waters are amazingly clear with little seaweed and allows for wonderful snorkelling and swimming. Constance Ephelia Resort is found right on the beach, giving beach-side dining options. Port Launay beach is very popular with locals on the weekends so if you head there on Saturday or Sunday, be prepared for some local fiestas!

Why so popular:
  • Long stretch of beach
  • Calm, clear waters perfect for swimming
  • Found on the rural west, therefore can be quieter during the weekdays
  • Location for weekly night market Bazar Labrin
  • Close to bars, restaurants, shops, ATMs, pharmacy etc

Top tips: Go Ziplining in the forests overlooking Port Launay beach and experience some amazing views of the Bay. Drive past Port Launay and stop on the hill for more amazing views.

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